Zhu Lab Responsibilities

The instrument managers:

Room 812
New/Old CVD system: Chung-Fu, Clint, Xiang
Glove box: Wenfeng, Kewei
Electrochemical Station: Feng, Chung-Fu, Kewei
Ar Tank: Wenfeng, Kewei
Electron beam evaporator + vacuum system: Xiang, Wei-Yao
Thermal evaporator: Xiang, Wei-Yao
Battery tester: Feng, Chung-Fu, Kewei
Tip Sonicator: Chung-Fu, Yijie
Centrifuge: Wenfeng, Yunfan
Spin Coater: Xiang, Wei-Yao
Ball Miller/Roller: Feng, Wenfeng, Yijie
DC Supply: Kewei, Leyao
Vacuum Oven: Yunfan, Wenfeng
Plasma Cleaner: Xiang, Wei-Yao
Waste Containers: Yunfan, Clint
Balance: Yunfan, Wenfeng

Room 809
Base Bath: Wei-Yao, Yifang, Xiang
Rota-evaporator: Xiang, Wei-Yao
THF Distiller: Xiang, Wei-Yao
Bath Sonicator: Xiang, Wei-Yao
Refrigerator: Wei-Yao, Yifang
Waste Container: Yifang, Wei-Yao
Oven: Wei-Yao, Yifang
Balance:Wei-Yao, Xiang

Room 814
Probestation/Parameteranalyzer: Xiang, Wei-Yao
Flood UV lamp: Xiang, Wei-Yao
Stereo Microscope: Xiang, Wei-Yao
Waste Containers: Xiang, Wei-Yao
Electrospin setup: Xiang, Clint
Furnace in Reneker Lab: Xiang, Clint

NPIC 110:
Electrochemical Station: Chung-Fu, Wenfeng

Chemical waste container: Wei-Yao should arrange Yifang, Yunfan to clean them regularly.

The use of fume hood:

809 [Room manager: Wei-Yao]
The fume hood next to the door of 809 (Wei-Yao)
The fume hood having distill (Xiang)
The fume hood next to Wei-Yao’s fumehood (Yifang)
The fume hood with Rota-evaporator (Haichang)

812 [Room manager: Wenfeng]
The fume hood with tip sonicator (Chung-Fu, Yijie)
The fume hood next to Chung-Fu’s hood (Kewei, Leyao)
The fume hood close to the student office (Yunfan, Feng)
The fume hood next to the door of 812 (Clint, Wenfeng)

Online chemical inventory update personnel: Wenfeng, Wei-Yao
Online chemical purchase personnel: Kewei Liu
Chemical store purchase personnel: –
Chemical shipment manager: Xiang, Kewei
Equipment part manager: Clint, Chung-Fu

Webmaster: Wei-Yao

Date updated: 04/19/2017